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Training and Development

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Training and Development

Developing your talents

As a leading consultancy firm, Aakarsh success and reputation can only be as good as its people’s capabilities. So it is natural for us to want to create an environment that attracts and develops the best consultants in the world.

Training programmes

We recognise that providing an outstanding training programme, which supports you throughout your career, is essential to your professional development.

Our aim is to develop wide-ranging consulting ability backed up by expertise in one area of specialisation.

This breaks down into five core skill areas:

    Assignment and commercial management
    People development
    Analytical thinking

Development actions

Development is not just about completing courses. We recommend a variety of other methods to help you make the most of your potential:

    Practical application of your new skills and knowledge
    Rotation on assignments to keep trying new tasks
    Taking on management responsibility during client work
    Accepting additional responsibilities
    Working on assignments for other practices or in another country