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Aakarsh is an global recruitment consultancy that maintain high professional standards to cater the recruitment and staffing needs across the globe. There are immense employment opportunities available in India and with the dedicated team support of Indian recruitment agency , we create business opportunities and utilize advanced technological support to deliver the desired results.

We are fully committed towards sourcing and engaging a batch of highly qualified and skilled personnel.

Recruitment is all about changing lives and businesses, supporting individuals in important career decision, and providing organizations with the employees that are "just right" for them. It's a huge responsibility and we at Aakarsh Consultancy feel privileged to shoulder this responsibility for our esteemed customers

Aakarsh unmatched human resources network, time tested processes and technology assure our clients of quality hires each time. Our clients are consistently amazed by our short turnaround time from requirement to placement. From sourcing a single Contractor to facilitating multiple hires, we have the capability to scale our recruiting efforts depending upon our clients’ needs.

Aakarsh Advantage

    Minimize risk by testing an employee’s skills, work ethic and compatibility with your organization before making a long term commitment.
    With excellent networking and sound data bank of potential candidates from different categories, we have complete access to a large number of job seekers.
    Enable the employee to similarly determine if He/She really wants to continue working with your organization.
    Screening, Selecting and Short Listing, arranging for Schedule Interviewing.
    Benefit from high turnover of potential candidates and flexibility of location.
    Cut costs in the form of hiring process, training and benefits.
    Get specialized or seasonal help only when you need it.
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